Capmatcher 2.0: Enhanced Investment Platform for Entrepreneurs and Investors

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Capmatcher 2.0: Enhanced Investment Platform for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Introducing Capmatcher 2.0, the next-generation investment platform designed to facilitate connections between entrepreneurs and investors. Experience our enhanced vetting process, tailored consulting services, and a new membership program for investors. What groundbreaking opportunities lie within? Stay tuned for further insights.

Capmatcher is pleased to announce the release of Capmatcher 2.0, an upgraded version of our digital platform dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. After four successful years, we have refined our platform and expanded our range of services to better serve the growing community of startups, SMEs, CEOs, Business Angels, and Venture Capitalists.

Improved Vetting Process for Startups and SMEs

Capmatcher 2.0 introduces an enhanced vetting process designed to select only the most promising businesses for our elite network. To further support startups in their journey to become investor-ready and achieve their funding goals, we now offer personalized consulting services tailored to their unique needs.

New Membership Program for Investors

In response to the evolving needs of our investor community, Capmatcher 2.0 features an exclusive membership program that provides investors with priority access to high-quality pitches and innovative business ideas. This program enables investors to discover game-changing investment opportunities ahead of the competition.

Expanding Our Global Community of Professionals

Capmatcher remains committed to fostering growth and success for both entrepreneurs and investors. The launch of Capmatcher 2.0 represents our ongoing dedication to this mission, providing an upgraded platform and a comprehensive range of services designed to empower our community members in realizing their objectives.

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Capmatcher digitizes the acquisition and investment targeting process in the early-stage startup fundraising market and screens promising startups for investors daily based on millions of data points.

Marcel Janßen

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Angefangen im zweitgrößten Medienagenturnetzwerk der Welt, wo er klassische Werbekampagnen betreute, führte ihn der Weg in ein kleineres Unternehmen, indem er seine kreativen Kompetenzen vertiefen und sein Kenntnisfeld im strategischen Marketing & Projektmanagement erweitern konnte.